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Great Hearts Northern Oaks Griffins – Varsity Letter Requirements


Earning a Varsity letter is a major accomplishment in the world of high school athletics. It is evidence that you have excelled not only on the playing field, court, or track, but also in the classroom. Student athletes are reminded that the Varsity letter is a recognition award determined by the head coach in conjunction with the Athletic Administration. The Varsity letter award is presented to athletes at the varsity level that have reached the athletic criteria that has been set forth by Great Hearts Northern Oaks. Athletes must meet the criteria that is set forth for each varsity sport. Those who earn a letter are awarded with a varsity letter (first season only) or a sports specific insert (all subsequent varsity seasons) at the awards ceremony for each sport that is held at the end of each season. All purchases will be handled by Mecca Sportswear.


General Requirements for varsity awards in all sports.

  • Must be a regular member (based on Head Coach’s recommendation) of a varsity team that competed in a district level event.
  • Must remain in good athletic and academic standing throughout the entirety of the varsity season.
  • Injured players may receive a letter award if in the opinion of the head coach he/she would have participated enough if they had not been injured, and also served the team in some capacity while injured.
  • Attend all practices, games, meets, or matches unless excused by the coach, parent, or doctor.


Any questions and information about obtaining a varsity letter can be referred to the Athletic Director, Coach Hunt. To schedule a fitting, click here: https://mecasportswear.net/great-hearts/.




2018-2019 Varsity Sports

*Flag Football

Varsity Cross-Country

*Track & Field

2019-2020 Varsity Sports

Varsity Volleyball

Varsity Cross-Country

Varsity Flag Football

Varsity Boys Basketball

Varsity Girls Soccer

Varsity Boys Soccer

Varsity Baseball

*Track & Field

        *Sports that only had Varsity athletes