Girl’s Basketball Letter to Parents

      GHNO Lady Griffin Basketball 

   Thank you for encouraging your daughter to play basketball this season! We are looking to continue building a joyful, community oriented, and competitive basketball program at Northern Oaks. As you may know, playing basketball requires a great deal of perseverance and focus. However, we ask also for a desire to learn and the willingness to give and receive.
The 5 “C’s” – In forming the Great Hearts Basketball Community, athletes should look to these 5 pillars throughout the season: • Coach-ability: Response to Instruction, Willingness to learn more, Receptivity.  • Competition: “Com” + “Petere” = To strive, to seek together (for excellence) • Competence: How well do you know the game? Can you apply that knowledge at “Game Speed”? Technical and Tactical Skills  • Conditioning / Fitness: are you able and willing play with 100% effort at game speed.  • Caritas / Charity: Do players show good-will toward others? Are they encouraging, exhorting, and calling their fellow players up to the moral and physical excellence for a basketball player?     Tryouts: The first 6 days of practice (8 Nov – 16 Nov) will be used to evaluate and place the athletes according to their overall abilities. Coaches will look at a variety of things and provide feedback throughout the six days to assess not only skill but coach-ability.
In-Season Practice:  Practices will be held at Great Hearts Northern Oaks unless otherwise specified. We are still working on the game schedule and will send that out once it is finalized. This will impact our practice schedule, but we anticipate having 3 practices per week for Middle School and 4 practices per week for High School. We are also looking at having Open Gym sessions that are optional on Saturdays.
Communication: In order to streamline communication and ensure that we are all on the same page, we will use email regularly. We will be sending out a weekly email to alert you of any important events or developments. Please be diligent about reading these and communication the necessary information to your daughters. If you have any questions, you can contact us at:
Middle School Girls’ Basketball or on my phone: (307) 438-3205
Highschool Girls’ Basketball or on my phone (210) 286-9384
Games: As stated, we are still finalizing the game schedule with the athletic league. In addition to the game scheduled provided on the Northern Oaks Athletic site, please consult the weekly emails for updates and possible additions to the schedule.  It is essential that families follow the directions and arrival times sent out in each weekly email during the season.
Fees and Physicals: There is a $275 fee for student athletes competing in their first sport of the school year. The fee for student athletes who participated in a fall sport this year is $225.  Families in need can apply for a Student Cost Waiver by filling out the SCW form available from the front office. Students will need to have completed the online registration for their sport (including a physical) before the start of practice. The link to the registration can be found at The “register tab” indicates where to sign up your athlete. Prior to tryouts, all athletes must have registered and turned in physicals. Payment is not required until after they have made the team.
Equipment: The only equipment you will need is basketball shoes.  I have found that sometimes it is easier to find basketball shoes in men’s sizes. Ektio is a great brand. I also recommend purchasing your own basketball (size 28.5) to use at home and bring for ball handling at practice.
Absences: Attend every practice and game. Any expected absences for major family events needs to be communicated with Coach Milligan or Coach Conrad as soon as possible. Absences due to homework, minor illness, and other minor events are considered unexcused absences. Three unexcused absences will result in dismissal from the team.
Kristin Milligan | Middle School Basketball Coach | Great Hearts Northern Oaks
Michael Conrad | High School Basketball Coach | Great Hearts Northern Oaks


2018 GHNO Girls Basketball Letter to Paretns