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Griffin Nation,

I hope that you are well and able to enjoy the beautiful San Antonio weather we are having. As Headmaster Heisman mentioned back in May, GHNO High School Athletics will compete, beginning this fall, in the UIL. Middle School sports, with the exception of soccer, will remain in TCSAAL. I am excited for this new endeavor and look forward to seeing our high school teams compete and excel in this new highly competitive league.
While our acceptance into the UIL will provide more organized and stable competition, it will also bring new challenges. As we transition into the coming school year there are a few things that I would like you all to know that relate to our participation in the UIL.
1. COACHING CHANGES: All High School Coaches must be full-time employees of Great Hearts. Thus, some of our beloved HS coaches will not be coaching with us this year either at all or in their normal duties. Below is a list of the sports offered and who will be coaching them.
2. SOCCER: Our specific division in the UIL does not offer soccer. We can petition to play up a division, in 4A, but will not do so this year. We will play as independent teams this year during the winter season and petition to join UIL’s 4A district 26 or 27 next year.
3. FLAG FOOTBALL: UIL does not offer Flag Football so both the High School and Middle School Flag Football teams will compete in TCSAAL.
4. FALL REGISTRATION: More information regarding pre-season workouts, tryouts and fall registration will be provided in a separate email NLT Monday, July 13th.
Brandon Hunt | Athletic Director |Website:
Great Hearts Northern Oaks  | 17223 Jones Maltsberger Rd. | San Antonio, TX 78247