Griffins News · Soccer going strong

With two of the four of this week’s games won, the Griffin soccer program rolled into an eventful series of games this Saturday. At 8 am, the middle school girls opened the day with an astounding win thanks to goals from Rylee Mitchel and Alexis Hernandez. With Alondra Vargas in goal, all of the other teams shots were saved with dives and tactical positioning so that the game ended 2-0. This great game had the dramatic finale of Elizabeth taking one final shot on goal, which barely missed. All of the ladies played excellently and by teamwork and spirit, they managed to secure their sixth win of the season.

As the sun heated up the beautiful morning, the middle school boys began a pushy, fast-paced game. This was quite a bit more eventful than the former, hosting multiple offsides and foul calls. Mickey Castillo and Noah Mendoza held the line of defense with incredible heart, pursuing the ball until it was no longer in danger. Benjamin Alcott made two goals, one of which came from a beautiful penalty kick. Amarion Mays, Logan Kibbey, Alex Valdez, and Chase Halvorson made some very intelligent runs, which helped set up the next two goals. As Great Hearts focuses on the True, Good, and Beautiful, Griffin Sports Network is pleased to report on how the boys incorporated truth into the so-called “beautiful game”. As the boys made many illegal handballs, the temptation was present to continue on with the play and not take responsibility for breaking the rules. However, whenever one of our boys hit the ball, they notified the Referee so that the fairness and truth of the game could remain intact. This honesty contributed to the 4-0 win that they acquired.

Next the Varsity Boys played a double header, with a game at 10:30am and at 6pm. Having played with all their force at the former game, some were wondering how the performance would be at the latter. We’re amazed to report that although they suffered a loss first, they bounced back harder than before and won their second game against the School of Science & Technology. Within the first 20 minutes, Bishop Uhlrich made a breakaway run with the ball and crossed it right in front of the goal for Patrick Garrett to knock in. Tyler Hurst, Micah Emslie, and Gabriel Pastrana- O’ Conner played excellent defense under Davis Keffer’s supervision, and together prevented many of the opposition’s shot opportunities. Overall the Boys performance was outstanding and each one of them truly showed what good sportsmanship and physical excellence can be.

Rounding out the sunny afternoon, the Varsity Girls played their second game against Jubilee San Antonio. Arguably the most eventful game of the day, it began as a 3-0 winning first half, but quickly escalated in the second half. As Natalie Siller, Jubilee’s goalkeeper, and one of their defenders all rushed at the ball, a loud collision could be heard from across the field. Our player and the defender recovered after about 2 minutes, but the goalie remained down until she could be lifted to her feet by the coach. Courageously, she continued playing until the dizziness got to her and she collapsed. The goalkeeper had to be taken away in an ambulance due to what was presumably a serious concussion. The Griffin’s Coach Nealous decided to only play 11 minutes more of the 30 allotted for the second half out of respect for Jubilee. In that time the varsity girls completed their 5-0 win with goals by Maeve Pruitt, Hannah Wagner, and Lily Elliott. Along with the Griffin Sports Network, the Varsity Ladies would like to request that Jubilee San Antonio’s goalkeeper remain in your thoughts and prayers in the hope that she may make a speedy recovery.

As a reminder, all of the Griffin soccer scores are available on the TCSAAL website here, but we encourage you to check out the schedule and come out to support our amazing student athletes. Congratulations to all the teams on their wins, and thank you to Jubilee San Antonio and the School of Science & Technology for your excellent competition. Also once again we wish a quick recovery to the high school girls goalkeeper!