Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball, Girls Varsity Volleyball · Volleyball Interview

Volleyball season has come to a close! Our Varsity Lady Griffins hustled through their last game and won two out of five sets with a final score of 12-15. Here’s the post-game interview conducted by 9th graders Amaranta Lajoie and Caite Rountree:


Q1: What was the highlight of the game?

Campbell Carlson: In the third set we were down by a lot. Then our teammate Lauren served a whole bunch and got us back up and we won that set.

Q2: Any advice for future GHNO volleyball players?

Campbell Carlson: Hustling is really important. Also knowing where to place the ball and being consistent is a good trait for a player.

Q3: What did you do to prepare for the game? Any traditions or pre-game rituals?

Campbell Carlson: We hype each other up. Drink a lot of water and eat a bit of food. Sometimes we wear matching socks too.

Q4: How do you feel knowing you’re representing your school?

Campbell Carlson: I try to play well but also with play with good sportsmanship in order to represent Great Hearts well.

Q5: What are the most important things to remember while playing?

Campbell Carlson: Don’t dwell on your mistakes or else you might make more. Your energy, whether positive or negative has an impact on the rest of the team. Don’t forget to play for fun!

Elina Kim: Talk! I can’t stress enough how important talking is. Make sure you always have a positive attitude toward others on your team or they’re likely to make another mistake.


Q1: What was the highlight of the game? 

Elsie Keizer: Caite Rountree’s serves in the second set

Camille Bell: Elsie Keizer’s serve to win the second set

Maggie Yamane: The energy and heart we played with in the second set. It brought us together and helped us rally to win the set.


Q2: I was super impressed with the toughness your team played with during the whole game. What do you think your team could improve on to win the next game?

Elsie Keizer: Focusing on fixing the silly little mistakes so we can keep a positive winner’s mentality.

Camille Bell: Team chemistry. If we can come together more as a team then we will for sure win.

Maggie Yamane: Energy and communication. If we start the game fired up and talking to one another, there’s no way we will lose.


Q3: What is the most important thing to remember when you are playing?

Elsie Keizer: To brush off the mistakes you make and keep your outlook positive no matter what.

Camille Bell: All losses are victories in their own way. Turn your mistakes into lessons and let them better you instead of bringing you down.

Maggie Yamane: Don’t let one mistake get you down. Get up, shake it off, and keep going.


Q4: Last question, what would be your advice for future players representing the griffins?

Elsie Keizer: Focus on playing the game, not just watching it. You will win games by being present on the court. Remember, even the small things, like a good pass up, are important to the game.

Camille Bell: To not let losses get them down. Pick yourself back up and start fresh every game.

Maggie Yamane: Don’t get beat up over one play. You have a whole game to make up for it.


Congratulations to our Lady Griffins for a wonderful Volleyball season!