Girls Varsity Volleyball · Preparing for Volleyball Games

By Tara Guetzloe

Volleyball season is in full swing, and all four teams have a game today. I interviewed Kennedy Frei, who plays Left Back on the varsity team and Olivia Lacy, who plays front center on the varsity team. I asked both girls how they prepare for their games. Talking with them both brought clarity to just what it takes to be a volleyball player here at Great Hearts Northern Oaks.

Kennedy explained that during the week before a volleyball game they work on different things that they were weak on in the previous game or that they need for their position. For example, she mentioned she practices passing because that’s important to her position. She also said that the day of a volleyball game she tries to hydrate well and enjoys listening to music both on her own and in carpools. She said something fun the team has done is buying matching socks for games.

Olivia said that she and the other girls enjoy carpooling to a volleyball game and listening to upbeat music to boost everyone’s energy and get them excited for the game. She also mentioned each family brings snacks to the games for the team. For warmups, she said they do the regular Great Hearts warmups e. g. flamingos, lunges, and other stretches, and before the game they practice some passing, hitting, and serving.

Our Griffin volleyball ladies would love to have your support at their upcoming games. See the remainder of their schedule here. Go Griffins!