Multiple Teams · GHNO Volleyball Letter to Parents and Team Rules

GHNO Volleyball Letter to Parents

Thank you for encouraging your daughter to play volleyball this coming fall! We will continue to build a safe, meaningful, and competitive volleyball program. As you may know, playing volleyball requires a great deal of perseverance and focus, but also remember that this is a sport open to all students willing to work hard, to practice hard, to listen and to follow directions, to being a team player/leader, and to have commitment to the team.  I would like to point out a few important details so we can begin the season “on the right foot.”

Fees and Physicals: There is a $275 fee for student athletes. Families in need can apply for a Student Cost Waiver by filling out the SCW form available from the front office. Students will need to have completed the online registration for their sport (including a physical) before the start of TRYOUTS. The link to register can be found on the athletics website:

Equipment: It is essential that athletes have proper footwear and protection. I would highly suggest visiting a volleyball store or an athletic store (e.g. Academy). These stores can provide expert advice and provide your daughter with a shoe that fits her needs and budget. In addition to good volleyball shoes, knee pads are required for seasoned athletes.

In-Season Practice:

Middle School teams will practice Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3:00 – 4:30.

High School JV and Varsity teams will practice Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from

4:15 – 6:00.  There might be some Fridays and Saturdays practices with 2 weeks’ notice.

Communication: I have found that the best and most efficient way of communicating with families has been through email. I plan on sending out a weekly email to alert you of any important events or developments. If you have any questions, you can contact the Program Head Coach:

HS JV / Varsity:  Personal cell (210) 887-6969; Work cell (210) 557-1806

Middle School: or on my cell phone: 623.398.5942

Games: Schedules will be up on the athletics website soon.  Go to and click on the appropriate sub tab under ‘schedules and results’.  It is essential that families follow the directions and arrival times sent out in each weekly email during the season.


Tryouts: Tryout will be for assessment only and not a time to correct.

Camps: Allow more time for coaches to teach and correct.

Playing Time:  Is not negotiable.

Players Positions: Coaches will determine what position is best for the athlete and the team.

Line of Communication:

Player, Coach

Player, Coach, Director

Player, Parent, Coach

Player, Parent Coach, Director


Team Rules and Guidelines

In order for us to be successful, we will all need to adhere to these rules and guidelines:

  1. Arrive to every practice at least 10 mins early ready to learn and work.
  2. At practice give 100% effort.  Hard work pays off and it will shows on the court.
  3. Be on time to every game.  On time means arriving at least 30 minutes before games begin.
  4. Attend every practice and game. Any expected absences for major family events need to be communicated with Head Coaches as soon as possible. Absences due to homework, minor illness, and other minor events are considered unexcused absences. Three unexcused absences could result in dismissal from the team.
  5. Be leaders in the classroom and on campus. Sometimes unfairly, a team is defined and viewed on campus by their most poorly behaved athlete. Strive to be excellent in the classroom as much as you dream about and strive to be a hero on the court.
  6. Be supportive of one another. The team will flourish only when its members act as a unit. The best way to support your team is to always give your best effort!
  7. Maintain clear channels of communication. If you have questions about team related issues, see one of the coaches and approach them right away. In this way, we will avoid frustration and unsettledness and strengthen team cohesion and performance, as well as eliminate any possible resentment towards coaches and other players.
  8. Allow 24 hours after all games if you have a concern or questions, for the Head Coach, that you would like to address.  Do not ask assistant to pass the information.
  9. Allow the coaches to coach your daughters/players.  Coaches have different styles of coaching at all levels.  Don’t contradict the directions the coaches are giving.
  10. If you miss a practice before a game, then it could affect your playing time the next day if we have a game.
  11. Read the athletic’s handbook.  You are responsible for knowing the eligibility requirements.


Jorge Vega | Lead Volleyball Program | Great Hearts Northern Oaks

Isabella Villanueva | Head Coach Middle School Volleyball | Great Hearts Northern Oaks